Fellow Patriots

February 9, 2012



Fellow Patriots,


It is with a heavy heart that we must report a cancellation of our event in Tombstone.   We have tried diligently to pull it all together but have been resoundingly unsuccessful.    The complete lack of response from all the agencies that would be involved, a lack of funding, and a profound lack of interest have led us to the conclusion that this is simply not supposed to happen.


The rally was an idea that we felt would support those who live along the border, they seem totally uninterested in participating in any way.   Perhaps they have grown weary of ‘do-gooders’ coming down to the border and attempting to ‘help’…if that is the case then we can certainly understand their frustration.    Nothing has changed in the area, indeed, the situation has grown increasingly more horrible.     With the threat of Muslim terrorist crossing our border on the rise, multiple be-headings and the deaths of good men who are trying to protect us, our border has taken on an aura of complete and utter desperation.   It behooves our government to fulfill one of the FEW things they are supposed to be doing, protecting our borders.   Seemingly the government is sooo busy sticking their collective noses into every aspect of our lives they can not be bothered to fulfill this one directive from the Constitution.


The very best we can do at this point is to encourage all of you to get out and vote!   This administration is the most corrupt and divisive this country has seen in many a decade.   The attack on all of our liberties continues unabated and the thought of four more years of this disaster is unacceptable!   Whomever runs against Obama, whether it be Mr. Romney, Mr. Santorum or a ham sandwich we recommend you vote !


God Bless America!


freedom writer

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