US Attorney General Eric Holder is feeling the heat over Fast & Furious. His department oversaw a vast gunrunning operation that sent thousands of firearms to Mexican drug cartels. Two members of Americans law enforcement have been murdered with these guns. The Mexican government estimates that over two hundred Mexican citizens, including many law enforcement officers, have been murdered with these weapons.

The operation violated US law, Mexican law, and international treaties between the US and Mexico.

The Wall Street Journal even accused the DOJ of facilitating the sale of fragmentation grenades to Mexican drug cartels. They base they claim on Internet DOJ documents that have been released.

Internal memos show that Fast & Furious was a ”false flag” operation to justify more gun control measures in the United States.

Eric Holder gave a statement to Congress under oath claiming that he had only learned about the operation “a few weeks ago.” Internal DOJ documents prove that he had known about the operation for at least ten months. Shortly after, Barack Obama admitting knowing about the operation for a longer period of time than what Holder had admitted too.

Holder now tells the press that he ”regrets” giving Congress false information in a letter about Fast & Furious. However he has yet to address accusations of perjury in his under oath testimony to Congress.

Sixty US House members are calling for Eric Holder’s resignation. Rep. Ron Paul called for his arrest and prosecution. He says the operation was “criminal,” and a ”false flag.”

However, Eric Holder characterized his critics as white racists. He said the scandal has been blown out proportion by white people who are only attacking him because he is “African-American.”

Georgia Democratic Rep. Hank Johnson went even farther.He said critics of Eric Holder are ”white supremecists.”Johnson is well known for crazed outbursts. He once stated on the House floor that the island of Guam might ”capsize” from overpopulation.

Many of Johnson’s black colleagues disagree with his extreme sentiment. A staff member for the Congressional Black Caucus said members are ”divided” on Holder. The staffer characterized the position of the caucus as feeling that Holder should be investigated but not subjected to a ”witch hunt.”

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